A second-hand Christmas gift

Why a second hand gift, homemade or immaterial?

Since the manufacture of an object requires the use of new resources, each time we manufacture a new good, we draw on these resources and release toxic substances into the air, water and soil. As a result, the more objects we make, the more our resources are depleted and the more we damage the planet.

Christmas Gift

Even if manufacturing and pollution take place far from home, it concerns us very closely!

So a good way to take care of our lives is to buy second-hand to avoid making too much. So by accepting to receive a second-hand or immaterial gift, we really take care of the planet, ourselves and the people we love.

Positive impacts

No negative impact on the environment and life, i. e:
  • Zero CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
  • Zero toxic releases to air, water and land
  • Zero deforestation
  • Zero waste of natural resources
All positive, we are all winners!
The pleasure of offering and receiving, without any ulterior motives!
Taking care of life together!